Terms and Conditions

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The terms and conditions of awards made by The Radcliffe Trust are as follows;

  1. Successful applicants are required to provide a receipt on headed paper, within 14 days of receiving the payment, acknowledging that funds have been received and confirming compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The grant is made only for the purposes agreed by the Trust and awards are based upon the information supplied in the application.
  3. Beneficiaries must request the Trust’s permission before implementing any variations. The Trust reserves the right to claim back any grant or part of a grant which has not been used for the purposes agreed.
  4. Beneficiaries must inform the Trust of any underspend in a grant and any decision to claim back the grant or any part of a grant shall be at the sole discretion of the Trust.
  5. Organisations must keep proper and up-to-date records and accounts that show how the grant is being used. The financial records should be available to representatives of the Trust for inspection at reasonable notice.
  6. Grants should be spent within one year of being awarded, unless otherwise agreed.
  7. A report is required one year after the award of the grant or at the end of the project if completed earlier. For multi-year funded projects, a report must be submitted at least one month prior to the next funding instalment.  Subsequent payments are contingent upon the receipt of a satisfactory report.
  8. Grant recipients must acknowledge the support of the Trust in any reports, presentations or promotional material related to their funded project.
  9. Organisations and individuals will be expected to repay grants if they are found to have acted fraudulently or negligently. Any inaccurate disclosure or failure to disclose relevant information requested, will be grounds for seeking immediate repayment of any grant made. Any decision to claim back the grant or any part of the grant shall be at the sole discretion of the Trust.
  10. The grant is for the use of a particular organisation and must not be given, or transferred, to any third party.
  11. Any grant awarded cannot be used to pay for expenditure incurred or committed prior to the date of the grant notification letter.
  12. The payment of any instalment of a grant is conditional upon funds being available to make that payment.