Young Music Makers of Dyfed

Young Music Makers of Dyfed, with the help of a grant from The Radcliffe Trust encourages young people to perform, and compose, and in doing so elevate their horizons as to the standards of these artistic disciplines.

The Young Composer scheme was supported by a grant from The Radcliffe Trust and began in September 2022 with presentations by the Resident Composer and the Ensemble – a string trio of players from BBC NOW – in three counties in Wales-Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, and Ceredigion.

They were delighted that over 90 young people took part in the group tutorials over the Autumn term and expect about 60 finished compositions to be submitted. They are being submitted now and will be workshopped and recorded with the Ensemble and the Resident Composer in March 2023. A selection of works will then be performed in a public concert at the end of March.

Young Music Makers of Dyfed would be unable to pay the Resident Composer without the award by The Radcliffe Trust.  The lasting legacy of this programme is that some young composers realise that composition could be their life’s work and go on to study composition at University.  Bringing on the next generation of composers