Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales

The Vulcan Hotel tells an important story in the history of Wales. Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales plans to re-erect this building at St Fagan’s National Museum of History and bring it back to life for visitors to enjoy. This building will help reflect the lives of people living in industrial and post-industrial towns as well as rural areas, and of recent migrants as well as long established communities. Due to its unique history, the Vulcan captures the changing nature of Cardiff’s dockland and shipping industries.

Thanks to support from The Radcliffe Trust the museum will re-erect the Vulcan as a 1915 public house, an important year for the pub, where it had undergone major refurbishment. There is also a need to ensure the sustainability of skills within the heritage sector, so the construction work will be mainly carried out by the museum’s traditional stonemason, conservation builders and a newly appointed apprentice traditional carpenter. Through this project the Museum will be retaining and improving traditional heritage skills in Wales.

The Historic Buildings Unit (HBU) team from left to right:

Isaac Rees – HBU Apprentice Traditional Painter, Clive Litchfield – Senior Traditional Painter, Tony Lewis – HBU Site Manager, Michael Conway – HBU Stonemason, Andrew Price – HBU Stonemason, Ben Wilkins – HBU Senior Traditional Carpenter

This photo was taken by Jody Samuel – HBU Labourer, however, unlike the iconic New York photo of the construction of a sky scraper, the team have scaffolding below them

Coventry City of Culture Trust

In May 2021, Coventry will become the next UK City of Culture, delivering a 365-day, city-wide programme of world class arts and cultural activity. Their flagship Music Programme aims to celebrate Coventry’s musical heritage, from Britten’s War Requiem to the Dr Who theme. While showcasing local talent old and new and raising Coventry’s music profile both nationally and internationally, the programme will strengthen the sector’s networks, education, businesses, and musicians.

The programme will include high-profile commissions, festivals and considered programming to capture and tell the story of Coventry as a music city. The programme with explore how Coventry’s identity as always been expressed via its music, a city whose sound embodies its spirit of innovation, activism and multiculturalism.

The Radcliffe Trust’s funding will support the resilience and sustainability of Coventry’s music sector during these challenging times, specifically through the establishment of a new city-wide Coventry Music Steering Group. It will also contribute towards commissioning and performance from Coventry-based musicians and composers, providing opportunities for artists to sustain their practice throughout the crisis, and providing a platform to reach national audiences. The music programme will also allow them to test and set the blueprint for new models for music performance.

Credit TV Trev Photography (above)
Credit Jamie Gray Photography (above)

Little Angel Theatre

Thanks to funding from The Radcliffe Trust, the Puppetry Making Associate has been able to participate in a variety of projects across Little Angel Theatre. From creating crafting content for their YouTube channel to designing window displays for a local business, they have helped to spread the magic of puppetry throughout Islington and the world.

With the announcement of Tier 3 and 4 in December, the Puppetry Making Associate went to work on a retelling of “The Christmas Nisse” over 25 videos, released daily between the 1st and 25th of December. This was a tremendous amount of work and the Puppetry Making Associate was incredibly important to the making process.

Thankfully Little Angel Theatre were still able to run the Professional Development Courses via Zoom, and the Puppetry Making Associate attended the Puppetry Foundation Course. They learned core principles of puppeteering across several kinds of puppetry including marionettes, moving mouth puppets and more.

Currently the Puppetry Making Associate is working on their own digital short, which will be released on the Little Angel Theatre’s YouTube channel. This project will bring together everything learned so far about making digital content and puppetry.

Little Angel Theatre’s YouTube Channel:

National Children’s Orchestras - NCO

The National Children’s Orchestras (NCO) received a Covid 19 Music Hardship Grant from The Radcliffe Trust in July 2020.  NCO is an organisation that works with exceptional young people aged seven to 14 years old to experience the joy of orchestral playing.

NCO’s award in July 2020 helped fund pivotal ‘replacement’ digital activity for 438 young musician members as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Most importantly, the grant supported the NCO through serious financial pressure at a time when their young students needed them most.  The work culminated in a mass multi-track performance of a specially commissioned ‘NCO Mambo’, which included choreography, DIY percussion and improvisation.

You can watch the final performance here:

The English Concert

The Radcliffe Trust was very proud to support The English Concert with a grant to present Britain’s Orpheus, as part of the Trust’s Covid 19 Music Hardship programme. The grant enabled a series of six live-streamed concerts from stunning locations celebrating the music of Handel and Purcell.

Learn more about Britain’s Orpheus here

The grant not only provided financial support for artists, but allowed connection with the The English Concert’s audience. Three of the performances were able to accommodate a very small number of live attendees, and the first concert reached over 33,000 people online.