In 2014-2015 The Radcliffe Trust commemorated the 300th anniversary of its establishment by Dr John Radcliffe of Oxford.  As part of its Tercentenary, the Trust celebrated the achievements of the many extraordinary organisations and individuals it has supported over the years with the Balfour of Burleigh Tercentenary Prizes for Exceptional Achievement in Crafts. These prizes […]

A new composition by Orlando Gough, developed through research in the Respiratory Medicine department at the Churchill Hospital. The composition highlights breath as an essential part of the human life cycle. This new piece of music theatre was performed at The North Wall by three women who sing about breath from birth to death.

The Bodleian Libraries’ winter 2014 exhibition celebrated the life and legacy of John Radcliffe, a physician and philanthropist who left a lasting mark on the University and city of Oxford. The exhibition considered his legacy to Oxford, and the three buildings in the city which bear his name: the Radcliffe Infirmary, the Radcliffe Observatory, and the […]

As part of the run-up to its Tercentenary Anniversary in 2014, on 13th July 2010 the Radcliffe Trust organised a Round Table with a number of key players in the Heritage & Crafts sector. The purpose of this exploratory meeting was to open up a constructive dialogue between funders and beneficiaries and to start identifying […]