Jessie’s Fund

The Radcliffe Trust’s recent grant enabled Jessie’s Fund to continue to provide musical experiences for vulnerable children despite lockdown. The Fund created interactive music videos designed to be easy to follow, excellent quality musically, and tailor-made to help children, their families and teachers to make music together, whether at home or in school.

Jessie’s Fund produced free-to-view videos, recorded by their musicians in their homes.  Each is around 20 minutes long and caters for the needs and processing times of sensory learners with complex needs.

The Trust’s grant gave the Fund the opportunity to help children with special needs, and also allowed them to provide employment for freelance musicians at a time when all work was being cancelled. Feedback has been excellent:

‘I just wanted to email to say that I have just seen the new Jessie’s Fund video, I thought it was absolutely fantastic and spot-on for what schools need right now.’

‘I do your Calming Journey to Space with my class every Friday and they love it. The sense of calm by the end is just amazing.’

The four videos can be found on the Fund’s YouTube channel: