Little Angel Theatre

Thanks to funding from The Radcliffe Trust, the Puppetry Making Associate has been able to participate in a variety of projects across Little Angel Theatre. From creating crafting content for their YouTube channel to designing window displays for a local business, they have helped to spread the magic of puppetry throughout Islington and the world.

With the announcement of Tier 3 and 4 in December, the Puppetry Making Associate went to work on a retelling of “The Christmas Nisse” over 25 videos, released daily between the 1st and 25th of December. This was a tremendous amount of work and the Puppetry Making Associate was incredibly important to the making process.

Thankfully Little Angel Theatre were still able to run the Professional Development Courses via Zoom, and the Puppetry Making Associate attended the Puppetry Foundation Course. They learned core principles of puppeteering across several kinds of puppetry including marionettes, moving mouth puppets and more.

Currently the Puppetry Making Associate is working on their own digital short, which will be released on the Little Angel Theatre’s YouTube channel. This project will bring together everything learned so far about making digital content and puppetry.

Little Angel Theatre’s YouTube Channel: