Bishopsland Educational Trust

Bishopsland is an internationally recognised and accredited charity dedicated to the training and education of young people in the craft of silversmithing in the United Kingdom. 

Bishopsland Educational Trust have secured a number of recent grants from The Radcliffe Trust for the internationally recognised work they do. 

These grants have been used for masterclasses for post-graduate emerging silversmiths and jewellers, staging exhibitions of Fellows and students of silversmithing and jewellery at the Clothworkers’ Hall, and providing bursary support for emerging silversmiths. 


Masterclasses, of only 5 emerging makers supported by a Radcliffe Trust grant, utilise workshops and facilities. All makers are encouraged to continue practising and refining the skills they have been taught so that they can subsequently produce work for sale either on The Bishopsland website or at one of a number of exhibitions hosted by Bishopsland Educational Trust. Some of this cohort (pictured) focused on enamelling jewellery pieces, and others developed a number of beakers, bowls and vases.

The Bishopsland programme provides a bridge between full time education and the ability to make a living as an independent maker or within a trade setting, such as a commercial silversmith or jeweller. For emerging makers to have the best chance of succeeding once they leave Bishopsland, it’s critical that they have confidence in their design and making abilities. Over the 30 year history of the Bishopsland Educational Trust, they have provided 4 or 5 day intensive master-led skills training courses and have found this is the best means of quickly upskilling and gaining confidence. 

The Bishopsland Educational Trust have reported that The Radcliffe Trust’s grants have made a significant difference over the years.