Gallions Music Trust

The request to the Radcliffe Trust was titled;- Giving the Joy of Music to children with ASD

The Radcliffe Trust has supported The Gallions Music Trust with funding music opportunities for children with Special Educational Needs.  Their SEND pupils have far higher needs than average, with 7.4% of pupils with an Educational Health Care Plan compared to 3% nationally.

Fourteen children with ASD received 1:1 tuition to enable them to make progress on their instruments. This meant 3.5 hours of additional staffing a week, which over the 36 week year has accounted for The Radcliffe Trust grant.

Some children are non-verbal but enjoy attending music lessons alongside their peers.  The feedback from a young person following an external visit with a cello performance was a big shy smile and a thumbs up.

Paul Broadhurst (Chair of Trustees at The Gallions Music Trust) states “The Gallions Music Programme is one of the leading primary school music programmes in the country and we firmly believe that celebrating our diversity as a school through a programme that includes everyone is at the heart of what we do. The Radcliffe Trust grant has enabled us to develop our provision to achieve this goal.”