Please check the eligibility and exclusions before applying

General Eligibility

  • applications must be on behalf of a UK Charity, Not-For-Profit, or Exempt organisation
  • applications must be for a specific project and not for a general appeal, or endowment fund
  • applicants must be based in the UK
  • bursaries and other support fees will normally be paid to the training organisation
  • if you have applied before, it must be at least a year since your last successful application
  • if your organisation has received three years of consecutive funding from The Radcliffe Trust, you can apply again, but only after a one-year break

General Exclusions

  • no retrospective grants
  • no general appeals or endowment funds
  • no mainstream schools
  • we do not accept applications from individuals, only from organisations

Heritage & Crafts Scheme specific eligibility and exclusions

The Heritage & Crafts scheme does not support:

  • capital costs
  • core costs
  • projects that are solely or primarily about nature, landscapes, gardens, land management or environmental conservation
  • projects that are primarily social or therapeutic in nature
  • projects that are solely or primarily for equipment or materials
  • conceptual art
  • conference fees or associated costs
  • NB Church of England Churches: we do not accept applications directly from Church of England Churches. Grants for the conservation of historic furnishings and artworks in Church of England Churches in England can only be made through the Church Buildings Council  which receives a block grant from the Trust. Applications from any other denominations should be made directly to the Radcliffe Trust.

Please read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on our H&C Scheme page if you have any further questions before applying.

To submit an application, please CLICK HERE.