Please check the eligibility and exclusions before applying

General Eligibility

  • applications must be on behalf of a UK Charity, Not-For-Profit, or Exempt organisation
  • applications must be for a specific project and not for a general appeal, or endowment fund
  • applicants must be based in the UK
  • bursaries and other support fees will normally be paid to the training organisation
  • if you have applied before, it must be at least a year since your last successful application
  • if your organisation has received three years of consecutive (not continuous) funding from The Radcliffe Trust, you can apply again, but only after a one-year break

General Exclusions

  • no retrospective grants
  • no general appeals or endowment funds
  • we do not accept applications from individuals, only from organisations

Music Scheme specific eligibility and exclusions
Applications are considered under eight headings:

  • composition and contemporary music
  • bursaries for courses and summer schools; limited to U.K. based students
  • music therapy / special needs
  • academic research / projects
  • youth orchestras
  • performance projects
  • educational projects
  • miscellaneous

The Music scheme does not support:

  • operating costs
  • competitions
  • capital projects
  • applications from individual mainstream primary or secondary schools

Please read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on our Music Scheme page if you have any further questions before applying.