Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

The Vulcan Hotel tells an important story in the history of Wales. Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales plans to re-erect this building at St Fagan’s National Museum of History and bring it back to life for visitors to enjoy. This building will help reflect the lives of people living in industrial and post-industrial towns as well as rural areas, and of recent migrants as well as long established communities. Due to its unique history, the Vulcan captures the changing nature of Cardiff’s dockland and shipping industries.

Thanks to support from The Radcliffe Trust the museum will re-erect the Vulcan as a 1915 public house, an important year for the pub, where it had undergone major refurbishment. There is also a need to ensure the sustainability of skills within the heritage sector, so the construction work will be mainly carried out by the museum’s traditional stonemason, conservation builders and a newly appointed apprentice traditional carpenter. Through this project the Museum will be retaining and improving traditional heritage skills in Wales.

The Historic Buildings Unit (HBU) team from left to right:

Isaac Rees – HBU Apprentice Traditional Painter, Clive Litchfield – Senior Traditional Painter, Tony Lewis – HBU Site Manager, Michael Conway – HBU Stonemason, Andrew Price – HBU Stonemason, Ben Wilkins – HBU Senior Traditional Carpenter

This photo was taken by Jody Samuel – HBU Labourer, however, unlike the iconic New York photo of the construction of a sky scraper, the team have scaffolding below them