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The terms and conditions of awards made by The Radcliffe Trust are as follows; The grant is made only for the purposes agreed by the Trust and awards are based upon the information supplied in the application. Beneficiaries must request the Trust’s permission before implementing any variations. The Trust reserves the right to claim back […] Continue Reading
The Radcliffe Trust seeks to work collaboratively with other trusts and foundations. In this way information and expertise can be shared, processes improved and better support provided. In this spirit, the Trust was instrumental in setting up the Heritage & Crafts Funders’ Network (HCFN), an informal network of trust and foundations providing support to the […] Continue Reading
Grants for the conservation of historic furnishings and artworks in Church of England Churches in England can only be made through the Church Buildings Council (formerly Council for the Care of Churches) which receives a block grant from the Trust. For more information please visit here. Applications from any other denominations should be made directly […] Continue Reading
FAQs for both the Music Scheme and the Heritage & Crafts Scheme How do I apply? Details of our application process can be found here. What is the deadline for applications? For consideration by the Trustees in June: Our deadline is 31st January for applications to both the Music and Heritage & Crafts schemes. For […] Continue Reading
Beneficiaries will be asked to send a letter of acknowledgement on receipt of the grant for auditing purposes Payment of each annual instalment of a grant is conditional on receipt of a satisfactory report of the previous year A final report is required on all grants given All reports should highlight the impact the grant […] Continue Reading
Please note: The Radcliffe Trust continues to support the heritage and crafts sector in the UK. We appreciate that these are difficult times and that there are significant changes in the world due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Creative works will be affected, for example in the way they are created or how they are delivered. […] Continue Reading
For consideration by the Trustees in June:  Our deadline is 31st January for applications to both the Music and Heritage & Crafts schemes For consideration by the Trustees in December:  Our deadline is midnight on 14th  September for applications to both the Music and Heritage & Crafts schemes. Continue Reading
The application form will ask you to provide some budget information. If you have any questions or queries, please do contact our administrator on [email protected] Continue Reading
The Radcliffe Trust supports the development and practice of the skills, knowledge and experience that underpin the UK’s heritage and crafts sector. This includes support for emerging craftspeople of high quality, craft and conservation projects and training, projects demonstrating creative outcomes by designer-makers, projects with potential for capacity building within the sector, and some special […] Continue Reading